Outrun part 1



We got the oppurtunity of buying a small piece of land next to our garden. Here we'll show the foto's we made during the remodelling....
Now we are able to give our Maine Coons a much bigger space as outrun and we have for ourselves a small piece too;-)
So.. first a lot of mess but later on, hopefully, a very nice result........




10-3-2007. Digging out the new piece next to our garden.


31-3-2007. Relocating the fence and a view of the old outrun. and the new piece next to our house and garden


12-4-2007. view from the other side and all the mess;-)

25-4-2007. Old outrun is down and now a view on the new poles and upper-gliders where later on the wire will be fixed.



30-4-2007. The small in-between-beams and the side-beam for the wire....
The new outrun is coming competely behind our house and a sort of "side-wing"...;-)

Then the work had a delay of 2 weeks because of a little accident with the electric saw.....:-(