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We are a small cattery in Terneuzen in the southwest of the Netherlands.
Our family is Johan, my husband and me, Linda.We have 3 children but allthree allready left our home.
Since February 1994 Maine Coons are living with us. Their numbers have changed somewhat through time because
of rehoming , but we had some passings too.
At the moment we share our house with 7 of them and you can meet them at  our Maine Coons.

Our Maine Coons are members of our familiy and live with us in our home. In our backgarden they have an outrun
where they can play and just sit in the sun or whatever.....

Our first litter was born August 5 1995 and since then 17 litters of kittens have grown up here. Most kittens live
with fanciers where they live a good petlife but some kittens have been sold to breeders in Belgium,
the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.
Our breedinganimals are tested before the first mating on HCM, PKD, HD, PL, SMA, FIV and FeLV but also for
MyBPC3, the first gen-test for HCM. The testresults you'll find on their own page and on the fotopage linked
from each litter's page. and on the healthpage.


You can find all the litters and watch them on this page earlier litters.
Our very last litter is born on november 2008. For different reasons, we have decided not to breed anymore in the future.

We hope your visit at our website will please you and you will enjoy watching the foto's. There are many of them and
it may take a while to download but it is worthwhile;-)

When/if you want more information you can contact us and how you can do that you can see on this page

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We had a very pleasant familyday May 16th 2008.
             at the back: Steffie with son Fabian, right Johan and Linda 
left daughter Angela, Marion with son Shivan.        

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